Our staff is dedicated to excellence in patient care and providing you with a positive weight loss surgery experience. We are ready to assist you with all of your questions and needs. We will help to educate you on the various weight loss surgeries available to you. We believe that you have the right to choose the surgery that is best suited to you and your choice should be a team effort between you and your surgeon. If you have any questions or requests at any time before, during or after your procedure, all you have to do is ask

Alex Brecher

Alex Brecher is the founder and CEO of BariatricPal. He has put together the BariatricPal team of caring, competent individuals to deliver the best experience for every single patient. Alex personally ensures that each hospital and surgeon working with BariatricPal is of the top quality. A successful weight loss surgery patient himself, Alex understands what it takes to achieve lasting weight loss.

He is determined for BariatricPal to provide the necessary support from the beginning of the weight loss surgery through long-term maintenance. Aside from offering BariatricPal Team MX as an affordable Weight Loss Surgery choice, Alex maintains the BariatricPal.com weight loss surgery forums for peer-to-peer information and support at every stage of weight loss surgery and beyond. The BariatricPal Store is a source for top quality nutritional bariatric products – a key to success. Alex advocates for and raises awareness of bariatric surgery. He serves on professional boards and consults with major players in weight loss surgery to influence developments in the bariatric surgery industry. Alex is based in New York.

Bill Yanez
Patient Relations Director Bill@BariatricPal.com

Bill Yanez will be your personal support specialist. From the first time that you make contact with BariatricPal Team MX. Bill will work to insure that your journey to a healthier life will be as easy and stress free as possible. He will work diligently to answer any and all questions that you may have. He will explain the booking process, procedures, and provide you will any addition details that will help you feel confident on your journey. Bill makes it his personal goal, to not only be readily available 24/7 for all individuals interested in Weight Loss surgery with BariatricPal Team MX, but his knowledge and expertise in assisting those people is unsurpassed, when it comes to supporting care.

Stacy Eckel
Certified Nutritionist Stacy@BariatricPal.com

Stacy Eckel is a crucial part of the BariatricPal Team MX Support Team. As a former patient of weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Stacy has the insight to speak with those considering weight loss surgery with BariatricPal Team MX, not only as a supporting team member, but from the patient perspective as well. This unique ability allows Stacy to connect with people/patients in a way that many others cannot. Stacy works with those individuals that have booked with BariatricPal Team MX to help them understand both the pre-operative and post-operative diet instructions and guidelines. She is here to help those that need, not only support, but advice and guidance on adjusting to their new lifestyle changes.

Henry Cortez-Tatenco
Office Manager Henry@BariatricPal.com

Having been born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, he has the advantage of growing up in the highly dynamic and always changing bi-cultural environment of the Tijuana-San Diego area and is 100% bilingual. He has a Bachelors in Communications from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California. He has applied his knowledge and skills in the fields of Government Communications Offices, Television & Film industry, Logistics and Transportation, Customer Service, Sales, Technical Support, Telemarketing and Medical Tourism in the capacity of Team Leader, Supervisor, Coordinator and Manager. He is currently the Office Manager for BariatricPal.com Mexico Team.

Juan Palomo
Patient Valet

Juan "Johnny" Palomo is our main valet that will be with our patients and companions while you stay two night at the hotel. Johnny is fully bilingual and as a Tijuana native his specialty is to show you around this great city.

Garab Cabrera
Patient Valet

Garab “Gary” Cabrera was born in Mexico City in july 1982, he came to Tijuana with his parents when they moved in 1988. He graduated from Baja California’s State University with a degree in Clinical Psychology in 2015 and also has a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and literature. After graduating he has been working with nonprofit organizations providing psychological and community services to vulnerable groups in low income communities and working as a psychotherapist in private practice. His professional background includes customer service, technical support, elderly care, emergency line response dispatcher and business management. In his free time he enjoys reading historical novels, playing videogames, listening to music, cooking and spending time with his family.

Luis Merlin
Patient Valet

Luis Merlin will be available for our patients and companions to provide any assistance that is needed. Luis is fully bilingual, and enjoys working with patients while they recoup from surgery

Roberto Gomez
Patient Valet 

My name is Roberto and I was born in Tijuana. I’m 20 years old and I majored in Business Administration in college. I am saving money to go to a university. My hobbies include working out, playing piano and i enjoy learning new languages. I’ve been working for BariatricPal Team MX for 2 years. I love my job and I’ve learned so much about different cultures and different accents. What I appreciate most, is that I’ve made some wonderful friends.

Fernando Benitez
Patient Valet

I am a Muay Thai Instructor and love skateboarding (Yes, I Still Skating!) I also love drawing, illustrating and Getting to Know People. I really love my job because it give me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make them feel they are not alone when they are recovering from surgery.

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